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裝飾性圖片2011 Sustainability Report

2011 Sustainability Report

Editorial Policy (p.1)(pdf)

Content (p.2~p.3)(pdf)

Introduction (p.4~p.19)

Profile of Taipower (p.4~p.7) (pdf)

Letter from the Chairman (p.8~p.9)(pdf)

Key Issues of Sustainability (p.10~p.15)(pdf)

◎ Selection of Sustainability Issues (p.12~p.13 )

◎ Key Sustainability Issues and Response (p.14~p.15 )

Governance with Accountability (p.16~p.27) (pdf)

◎ Corporate Governance and Corporate Ethics (p.17~p.19)

◎ Risk Management (p.20~p.21)

◎ Sustainable Development Philosophy and Operation Mechanism (p.22~p.23)

◎ 2010 Management Performance Achievements (p.24~p.27)

Upgrading Power Supply Stability (p.28~p.41) (pdf)

◎ Power Supply Stability (p.29~p.32)

◎ Development of Renewable Energy (p.33~p.37)

◎ Demand-Side Management (p.38~p.39)

◎ Development of Electric Power Technology (p.40)

◎ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (p.41)

Coping with the Challenges of Climate Change (p.42~p.49) (pdf)

◎ Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Gases (p.44)

◎ GHG Control Action Plans (p.45~p.49)

Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Culture (p.50~p.59) (pdf)

◎ Environmental Impact Assessment (p.51)

◎ Energy Resource Management (p.52~p.53)

◎ Waste Treatment and Resource Reuse (p.54)

◎ Air Quality Maintenance (p.55)

◎ Environmental Personnel Training (p.56)

◎ Green Purchasing (p.56)

◎ Green Buildings (p.57)

◎ Environmental Conservation and Ecological Diversity (p.58)

Employee Cultivation and Workplace Harmony and Safety (p.60~p.67) (pdf)

◎ Cultivation of Talent (p.61~p.63)

◎ Creation of a Fair Employment Environment (p.64)

◎ Labor-Management Relations (p.65)

◎ Occupational Safety and Health (p.66~p.67)

Social Participation (p.68~p.75) (pdf)

Communication between Taipower and Stakeholders (p.76~p.93) (pdf)

◎ Customer Service (p.77~p.79)

◎ Promotion of Reasonable Tariff Schedules (p.80~p.81)

◎ Communication between Taipower and Stakeholders (p.82~p.87)

◎ Taipower Outreach (p.88~p.91)

◎ 2010 Awards (p.92~p.93)

GRI Index (p.94~p.97) (pdf)

2011 Taiwan Power Company Sustainability Report (pdf)

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