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裝飾性圖片2010 Events

February 9

The Seventh Power Transmission and Substation Project was approved by the Executive Yuan and listed as one of the national major construction projects.

March 4

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake on the Richter scale hit Chiashien Village, Kaohsiung al 8:18 a.m. It triggered generator trips in 4 units of the Hsinta Thermal Power Plant, 2 units in the Nanpu Thermal Power Plant and 1 unit of the IPP Fengde Thermal Power Plant, leading to a loss of 1,860 MW. On the power grid, some transformers in substations and distribution lines were tripped, which caused brief power outages in 546,000 households. Power services were all resumed before 11:30 a.m.

March 13

Taipower signed a cooperation agreement for a forestation campaign with Taoyuan County Government. It is estimated that 10,000 trees will be planted in an expansive area of 6.72 hectares.

April 30

The handover ceremony of the presidency of Taipower was held. Former Vice President Han-shen Lee was promoted to President. Former President Mr. C.Y. Tu resigned from Taipower.

June 25

2010 Stockholders' Standing Meeting was held.

June 25

The 3 digits set for ROC's 100th year (equivalent to 2011) in the company's information system caused problems in Taipower's Billing Accounting Management System. There were 49 problems discovered up to July 20, 2010. In addition to revising them all, a related emergency response plan and a reporting process were completed by December 15.

June 30

The Pingtung Branch received “First Line Service Award” in the “2nd Government Service Quality Awards” held by the Executive Yuan.

July 1

Energy conservation competitions were started in counties and cities. The article “Power Tariff Discounts to Cities and Counties for Energy Conservation Competitions” was added to “Power Tariff Discounts Incentive for Energy Conservation” to encourage people to promote energy conservation from communities to counties and cities.

July 7

Peak load reached a record high of 33,023 MW at 3 p.m., breaking the record of 32,790 MW made on July 23, 2006.

August 16

“ Guidelines of Renewable Energy Purchase in Taiwan Power Company ” was revised and implemented.

September 1

A memorandum of agreement on SF 6 Reduction was signed with the Taiwan Magnesium Association.

September 9

Taipower was awarded a silver medal in “sponsorship category” and a gold medal in “implementation category” in the 2010 Sports Promotion Awards held by the Sports Affairs Council. This demonstrated that Taipower's long-time support for sporting events and cultivation of sport talents were widely recognized.

September 19

Typhoon Fanap hit Taiwan. In total, 905,996 households suffered a power outage. After mobilizing 1,465 Taipower employees and contractors in rescue efforts, the power supply was restored in a short time in most areas. In spite of the high water and inaccessible roads in some areas, Taipower conquered difficulties to completely restore power supply on September 28.

September 27

The ground-breaking ceremony was held for the Jinmao Substation - the first underground substation in southern Taiwan.

October 7

The Second Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 was shutdown for refueling outage at 12:49 a.m. and was synchronized to the system at 12:14 p.m., October 31. This unit set a record among the 6 commercial operation nuclear units for the shortest overhaul duration of 24.48 days. This unit also set a record for zero-violations, zero-industrial safety incidents, and zero-1. abnormalities.

October 21

Typhoon Maggie hit Taiwan. In total, 16,965 households suffered a power outage, the majority of those occurring in Yilan County. After efficient rescue efforts by dedicated Taipower personnel, the power supply was completely restored on October 24.

October 22

Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant Kukuan Branch Retrofit Project was completed and started commercial operation.

October 25

Taipower hosted the 18th Conference and Exhibition of the 2010 CEPSI of AESIEAP (the Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and the Western Pacific) in Taipei International Convention Center and Taipei World Trade Center. The activities were presided over by Mr. Edward K. M. Chen, Chairman of Taipower and President of AESIEAP. There were about 1,200 participants from more than 29 countries and regions.

November 3

Asian Power magazine held the 6th “2010 Asian Power Awards” in Singapore. Taipower's “345KV Transmission Line Fault Location Reporting System” was awarded a gold medal as the “Best Asian Transmission and Distribution Project of the Year” and the “Second Nuclear Power Plant Installing a 360 Degree Work Platform over Reactor” was awarded a gold medal as the “Best Operation and Maintenance Project”.

November 8

The Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA held the 23rd National QCC Competition. Taipower's Radiation Laboratory received a silver tower award, the Taichung Thermal Power Plant and the Talin Thermal Power Plant each won an outstanding award.

November 16

The Third Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 was shutdown to undergo EOC-19 outage. Before its shutdown, the unit operated in full fuel cycle continuously, safely and stably for 539 days. This was the second time that the unit operated safely in a full fuel cycle.

November 19

The Taipower 2010 Sustainability Report was awarded a silver medal in the category of large-scale service in the “2010 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards” held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.

December 15

A completion ceremony was held for the 6 combined-cycle gas-fired units, in total 4,384 MW, of the Tatan Thermal Power Plant, the largest combined-cycle thermal power plant in the world.

December 24

Complying with the government's promotion of establishing a low-carbon island in Penghu, the company's “Taiwan-Penghu Undersea Cable Project” was approved by the Executive Yuan. It is scheduled for completion in 2014.

December 28

Taipower received 4 awards in the “10th Public Construction Golden Awards” held by the Public Construction Commission:

(l) The Kaokung-Wuchia-Kaohsiung 345 KV Underground Cable Turnkey Project received an outstanding award in the civil engineering category.

(2) Annan-Fuchen 161 KV Underground Cable 4. Turnkey Project received an outstanding award in the civil engineering category.

(3) Shewan Primary Distribution Substation Turnkey Project received an outstanding award in facilities category.

(4) Mr. Kuo Fan-Nan, Section Chief of Feeder Automation received personal contribution award in the second category (outstanding performance in promoting public construction project).

December 31

The 6 nuclear units demonstrated remarkable achievements in 2010: no scram incidents occurred; the average capacity factor reached 92.32% and the power supply amounted to 40.03 billion KWh. All were the best and highest records in Taipower's history.

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