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2009 Events
January 14 The Tatan Thermal Power Pant Combined-Cycle Unit 6, 471,000 KW, started commercial operation. The Tunghsiao Thermal Power Plant Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Unit 6 was upgraded and its capacity was increased by 7,600 KW.
March 3 The Fourth Nuclear Power Plant was renamed the“Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant”
March 10 President C.Y.Tu and Professor F.C.Lin of the Dept. of Engineering and Applied Sciences, National Science Council, co-hosted a seminar“New Generation of Technology for the Power Transmission Grid”. Prof. Lin presented a medal“Great Contribution to Electricity”to President Tu.
May 12 To alleviate global warming, Taipower took the initiative in cooperating with local governments on a forestation campaign starting from this year. Taipower deployed the tree planting project in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Miaoli, Lienchiang, Pingtung and Hualien Counties. It is estimated that the tree planning areas will reach 150 hectares in 3 years.
May 26 To reflect seasonal power supply cost, Taipower announced: During the summer peak-hour power consumption from June to September, the summer tariff schedules system will be activated. To encourage energy conservation, Taipower will expand the practice of tariff schedule incentive measures starting from July 1. Discount guidelines will be stipulated for residential customers and primary and secondary schools.
June 10 In response to the 20th“Hunger 30”campaign hosted by the World Vision Taiwan, Taipower held“hunger lunch meeting”in the lobby of its headquarters, calling for employees to join the“hunger camp”. Taipower sponsored NT$1.5 million to help the most vulnerable families to stand firm and restart.
June 26 2009 Stockholders' Standing Meeting was held.
July 14 To upgrade the self-shipping rate of overseas coal procurements to control supply sources and stabilize shipping cost, Taipower entrusted Taiwan Shipbuilding Corp. to build 4 coal ships, each with a carrying capacity of 93,300 tons. They were scheduled for quarterly delivery and operation in 2011.
August 8 Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan. In total, 1,595,419 households suffered a power outage, majorly in central, southern and eastern Taiwan. After efficient rescue efforts dedicated by 3,203 Taipower employees and contractors, the power supply was restored in a short time in most areas. Owing to the high water caused by the heavy rains and the roads unaccessible in the mountain, the progress of rescue work was affected. Taipower rescue personnel conquered numerous difficulties to completely restore power supply on September 12.
September 30 The“2009 Beach Clean-up Campaign”was carried out in 14 areas around the island and off-shore islets, Kinmen and Matsu. There were in total 7,000 participants, including Taipower personnel and their family members and local people.
October 15 The 2009 CEO Conference of AESIEAP (the Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and the Western Pacific) was held at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung. As the host of all AESIEAP activities from 2009 to 2010, Taipower invited 141 CEOs of power industries from 18 countries and regions.
November 11 The GHG emission reports presented by 32 units were verified by ISO 14064-1. Director General Jay-san Chen of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, MOEA, delivered the certificates. Taipower President C.Y. Tu gave a speech in the ceremony.
December 31 The Tatan Thermal Power Plant Combined-Cycle Units 4 and 5 were converted from low pressure to high pressure and started commercial operation. The total installed capacity increased by 507,400 KW.

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