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2008 Taipower Events
January 21 The GHG emission reports presented by 10 units were verified by ISO 14064-1.
Director General Jay-san Chen of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, MOEA, delivered the certificates.
February 29 To respond to the global greenhouse gas alleviation campaign, the company committed itself to a 5-year large-scale tree planting project. Taipower signed
agreements with local governments where coal-fired power plants are located for tree planting and concession. The target was to plant more than one million trees within the coming 5 years in a total area of about 1,000 hectares. It is estimated that the absorption of carbon will reach 37,000 tons annually. Taipower took practical steps to fulfill this campaign.
March 4
The Taipower 2008 Skill Contest was held in the Kaohsiung Training Center. More than 1,000 employees joined the contest. In addition to President C.Y. Tu and Vice President J.T. Lee, executives of the labor units of the central and local governments and people's representatives were invited to participate in this event.
June 20
The 2008 Stockholders Standing Meeting was held.
June 21
Taipower participated in the event“Turn-off Lights in the Summer Solstice”for the third time in a row. Apart from Taipower turning off all the lights in the headquarters, all the government offices and major large buildings islandwide also turned off lights for
one hour.“The 2008 Turning off Lights in the Summer Solstice, Reducing carbon in the
Cities”campaign has saved 280 thousand KWh of electricity, equivalent to one hour generation of a unit in the Linkou Thermal Power Plant, and about a 178-ton carbon reduction. 
July 1
Approved by the MOEA, Taipower adjusted its tariff schedules in two phases. In each phase, the tariff schedules were adjusted upward 12.6%, 1/4 of the necessary adjustment. Phase I was effective on July 1 and Phase 2 on Oct.1. The combined adjustment of the two phases was 25.2%. Taipower's new tariff schedules are posted on Taipower's website:
July 3
The Tatan  Combined-Cycle  Unit  5,  with  an  installed  capacity  of  471  MW,  started commercial operation.
July 11
The“Fostering  Hope,  Spreading  Love  –  Special  Scholarship Awards”activity  was held in the lobby of Taipower Headquarters. Chairman K. M. Chen presided over the award ceremony. There were 41 students who represented the awardees to receive
the honor. Taipower has established this scholarship since 1980 to help the students from underprivileged families, and those who have good academic performance and outstanding achievement in sports, arts, etc., living in the vicinity of Taipower facilities.
Up to now, there have been more than 200,000 students benefiting from this scholarship.
September 5
The“2008 Beach Clean-up Campaign”was carried out in 19 locations. In addition to Taipower personnel and their family members, led by Chairman Edward K. M. Chen and President C. Y. Tu, invitations were also extended to local officials and residents to join
this campaign. Altogether, there were 7,000 participants.
October 25
After a 6-year recovery effort, the Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant Kukuan Branch was jointly inaugurated by Premier Liu Chao-shiuan, Vice Economics Minister Chen-cheng Deng, Chairman Edward K. M. Chen, Taichung Magistrate Huang Chung-sheng and other
dignitaries including legislators, local government officials, etc. They witnessed the return of the Kukuan Branch to the Taipower system.
October 30
Chairman  Edward  K.  M.  Chen  officially  assumed  the  presidency  of AESIEAP  (the Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and the Western Pacific). Taipower will take over the responsibility for AESIEAP's business and activities from 2009 – 2010. Presumably, it will be a good time not only to strengthen information exchange and cooperation among the power industries in East Asia and the Western Pacific, but also to promote Taiwan's customs and culture and to expand opportunities for local power related industries such as heavy machinery, cables, etc.
November 28
The Hsinta Thermal Power Plant won over contenders and was awarded a gold medal, the highest honor, as“the Best Environmental Performance Power Plant of the Year”in the 2008 Asian Power Awards.
December 19 To comply with the government policy of“energy conservation and carbon reduction” and to lead the promotion on this front, Taipower held a“national energy conservation competition”in regional communities and each level of schools. The award ceremony was presided over by President C.Y. Tu in the Huashan Cultural Creative Park. In total, there were 358 communities and 796 schools participating in this event. During the 4-month (July-October) competition period, the reduction of the total power consumption of all participants was 24.6 million KWh as compared with the same period last year. It was equivalent to 15,680 tons of carbon reduction and a result of planting 630,000 trees. This was a remarkable achievement.
December 24
Taipower received 7 awards in the“9th Public Construction Golden Awards”held by the Public Construction Commission from Vice Premier Chiu Cheng-hsiung. This yet again demonstrated Taipower's outstanding accomplishment.

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