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2007 Taipower Events
March 7 Taipower 2007 Skill Contest and Innovative Technology Seminars were held in the Kaohsiung Training Center. Chairman Edward K. M. Chen delivered an opening speech. Executives of the labor units of the local governments and people’s representatives in Kaohsiung and Pingtong areas were invited to participate in this event.
April 22
The inauguration ceremony for the 100th unit of the Changgong Wind Power
Station was jointly presided over by Minister Steve Ruen-long Chen of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Minister Winston Dang of the Environmental Protection Administration, General Director Huey-ching Yeh of the Bureau of Energy, Magistrate Cho Po-yuan of Changhua County and Chairman Edward K. M. Chen of Taipower. They all witnessed the historical moment.
May 25
The 2007 Stockholders Standing Meeting was held.
June 11
The inauguration ceremony for the company’s education and recreation Website was jointly presided over by Chairman Edward K. M. Chen, President C. Y. Tu, and Taipower Labor Union President Shih Chao-hsien.
June 22
Taipower sponsored the event “Turning off Lights in the Summer Solstice Day, Unplugging Your Appliances, Walking Outdoors” held by the Society of Wildness and the Delta Electronics Foundation. In addition to Taipower turning off all the lights in the headquarters (27 floors), there were 54 buildings, and 650,000 people who walked outdoors, supporting this event. It has contributed to an electricity saving of 300 MWh, equivalent to one hour generation of a unit in the Linkou Thermal Power Plant, and a 187-ton CO2 reduction.
July 2
Tatan Combined-Cycle Unit 3 and Gas Turbine Unit 3-2, in total 225 MW,
st????????o??arted commercial operation. The Tatan Combined-Cycle Unit 2, converted from oil-fired to gas-fired, increased 58.8 MW in capacity.
August 30
Premier Chang Chun-hsiung presented an award to President C. Y. Tu of Taipower in the “International Trade in 2006 and the 10th Rising Star Award” ceremony held in the Taipei International Convention Center.
September 20
Capacity at the Tongshiao Combined-Cycle Unit 4 was increased by 4 MW and Gas Turbine Unit 4-3 by 10 MW.
September 21
The “2007 Beach Clean-up Campaign” was carried out in 15 units, including power plants, construction offices, and branches. In addition to Taipower personnel and their family members, led by Chairman Edward K. M. Chen, invitations were also extended to local officials, residents, teachers and students to join this campaign. There were in total more than 6,000 participants.
October 31
Vice President Annette Lu presented an award to Chairman Edward K.M. Chen in the “National Civil Service Award” ceremony.
November 12
Tatan Combined-Cycle Steam Unit 4 and Gas Turbine 4-1 and 4-2, in total 471 MW, started commercial operation.
December 8
President Jammeh of Gambia, accompanied by ROC Vice President Annett Lu, visited Taipower.
December 28
“Energy Industry Greenhouse Gases Management Achievements Presentation and Voluntary CO2 Reduction Pledge Ceremony,” presided over by Minister Steve Ruen-long Chen of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, was held in the auditorium of the MOEA. Representatives from 10 energy industries, including Taipower Chairman Edward K.M. Chen, jointly signed the pled????????o??ge.
December 29
Chairman Edward K.M. Chen presented awards to the winners of a photography contest “The Beauty of Taipower.”

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