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2006 Taipower Events

April 12

Taipower 2006 Skill Contest and International Power Technology Seminar were held in the Kaohsiung Training Cetner. The Chugoku, Chubu and Okinawa Power Companies of Japan sent representatives to participate in this event.

April 21

To celebrate Taipower's 60th anniversary, a mountain climbing and hiking activity was held in 16 areas.

April 28

Mr. Edward K. M. Chen, former president of Taipower, assumed the chairmanship and Mr. C. Y. Tu, former vice president of Taipower, assumed the presidency of Taipower. The handover ceremony was presided over by Economic Minister Hwang Ing-san.

April 29

The cerebration of Taipower's 60th anniversary, which falls on May 1, was held today in the Taipower Annex auditorium. President Chen Shui-bian sent a congratulatory message to Taipower for encouragement. Premier Su Tseng-chang, Economic Minister Hwang Ing-san and 5 Taipower former chairmen were present. They joined with the 700 Taipower participants to witness the great achievements that Taipower accomplished in the past 60 years and shared the aspiration that Taipower will continue its effort for sustainable development.

May 25

Taipower held a joint signing ceremony for the “Declaration of Safety Partners Cooperation” with Minister Lee Ying-yuan of the Council of Labor Affairs, Minister Hwang Ing-san of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chairman Wenent P. Pan of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation and Chairman Edward K. M. Chen of Taipower, pledging to substantiate on the-job safety.

May 26

The 2006 Stockholders' Standing Meeting was held.

June 5

Taipower's EHV Substation in the Central Science Park was awarded an anti-earthquake label by the Chinese Architecture & Building Center.

June 21

Taipower sponsored the event “Energy Conservation in the Summer, Carnival in the Night” held by the Society of Wilderness and the Delta Electronics Foundation in the Taan Forest Park. In addition to selecting 40 more volunteers to assist the activity, Taipower turned off all the lights in the headquarters (27 floors) for 10 minutes at 8 o'clock to encourage the public to join the energy conservation campaign.

June 30

The Taichung Thermal Unit 10, 550 MW, and the Chimei Thermal Unit 2, 1 MW, started commercial operation.

July 1

New rate schedules, adjusted upward 5.8% on average, were effective.

August 17

The Tatan Thermal Combined-Cycle Unit 1, 248 MW, started commercial operation.

September 29

The “2006 Beach Clean-up Campaign” was carried out in 15 power plants and construction sites nearby coastal areas. In addition to Taipower personnel and their family members, invitations were also extended to local officials, residents and students to join this campaign. There were in total 7,000 participants who dedicated their effort to making Taiwan a clean and beautiful place.

October 5

The installation of the Unit 2 Reactor Pressure Vessel of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant was completed (Unit 1 was installed in March 2005). This marked another milestone in nuclear construction.

October 13

The plates replacement of the Tunghsiao Combined-Cycle Unit 5 enhanced generation efficiency and raised the installed capacity from 294 MW to 358 MW, an increase of 64 MW.

October 26

President Chen Shui-bian, accompanied by Chief Secretary Jerry Ou of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chairman Edward K.M. Chen of Taipower, inspected the Tatan Thermal Power Plant.

December 19

“The Chenbei-Chungtao 161 KV Cable Turkey Project” and “The Wufeng Substation 1st Stage D/S Electric Facilities Turnkey Project” were awarded in “The 7th Public Construction Golden Award” held by the Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan.

December 26

The Tatan Combined-Cycle Unit 2, 248 MW, started commercial operation. The Combined-Cycle Unit 1 was converted from oil- to gas-fired, which increased the installed capacity by 58.8 MW.

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