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2004 Taipower Events

Feb. 24

Chairman Lin Neng Pai and President C. C. Lin jointly presided over the boiler initiation ceremony for the construction of Unit 9 of the Taichung Thermal Power Plant. After completion, this unit will add 550 MW to the power system.

April 1

Southern Region Construction Office of the Department of Nuclear and Fossil Power Project was abolished.

May 28

May 28

On the 50th anniversary of the Department of Transmission Line and Substation Construction, Chairman Lin Neng Pai paid a special visit to Aodi area to inspect the installation operation of transmission lines. Chairman Lin expressed his recognition of and appreciation for the effort made by the personnel in transmission installation.

The 2004 Stockholders' Standing Meeting was held.

June 18

The Penghu Power Plant was abolished.

July 5

July 27

The hydro power plants, Techi, Chingshan and Kukuan, were severely damaged by the devastating flood of Tachia Creek due to heavy rains from Typhoon Mindulle.

Mr. C.C. Lin , former president of Taipower, assumed the chairmanship of Taipower. The handover ceremony was presided over by Economic Minister Ho Mei-yueh. Dr. Lin Neng Pai, former chairman of Taipower, was appointed as the chairman of Taiwan Sugar Corporation.

Aug. 11

Mr. K.M. Chen, former vice president of Taipower, assumed the presidency of Taipower. The handover ceremony was presided over by Mr. Wu Fong-sheng, Executive Director of the Commission of National Corporations, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Oct. 1

Starting from today, the "2004 Beach Clean-up Campaign" was carried out in 15 power plants and construction sites located nearby coastal areas and the Penghu main islet. Taipower personnel joined local residents to fulfill this effort.

Nov. 2

Nov. 7

Devastated by the two typhoons, Mindulle and Aere, the Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant Maan Units were the first ones to resume operation, supplying 135 MW to the power system.

Based on the concept of "caring for the society and appreciation to the society," Taipower held a concert, unprecedented among national enterprises, entitled "Harmony without Monologuethe
Beauty of Music" in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Nov. 23

To show its concern about community environment, Taipower applied to the Taipei City Government for the concession to refurbish the subterranean crosswalk (at the intersection of Roosevelt Road and Hsinsheng South Road) nearby Taipower headquarters. The task was started today and is scheduled to be completed in April 2005.

Dec. 23

Dec. 30

Tatan Thermal Power Plant 161 KV GIS Project and New Wuchieh Tunnel and Lishi Creek Diversion 1-A Project were both awarded in "the Fifth Public Construction Golden Award" held by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan. This demonstrated again and won ecognition of Taipower's long-time commitment to good designs and stringent quality for power construction projects.

Premier Yu Shyi-kun and Economic Minister Ho Mei-yueh jointly held the inauguration ceremony of the first commercial operation in Taiwan of the wind power generation units at Shihmen Wind Power Station.

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