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裝飾性圖片Major Performance Achievements

Each year, the company sets up its annual performance goals to upgrade its management efficiency. As a result, every performance index has seen continuous improvement. In 2011, the major performance achievements were:

  • ■ The four 90,000-ton coal vessels, Prosperity V, VI, VII and VIII were delivered consecutively from April to October. Taipower has 6 coal vessels in operation. The ratio of shipment by Taipower-owned coal vessels will increase from 9% to 30%. This will not only stabilize the supply of energy sources for Taiwan, but also reduce power generation cost.
  • ■ In 2011, 16 underground transmission lines were completed in the metropolitan Taipei area. The total completion rate in this area reached 96.9%.
  • ■The Taipower 2011 Sustainability Report was awarded a gold medal in the non-manufacturing category in the “2011 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards” held by the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy.
  • ■ Asian Power magazine held the “Asian Power Awards 2011” in Singapore. Taipower was awarded with a gold medal for the “Most Innovative Power Technology of the Year” – the Development of a Lightning Strike Information Platform for Transmission Lines Using Google Maps, and was awarded with a silver medal for the “Asian Power Plant of the Year”- Tatan Gas Combined-Cycle Power Project.
  • ■ The Youngan Salt Beach Solar Power Station, the largest one in Taiwan, was completed. Its total installed capacity is 4.6 MW. It can reduce 3,624 tons of CO 2 emissions annually, equivalent to an effectiveness of forestation of 243 acres. It’s a landmark renewable energy project.
  • ■ The Second Phase, Third Phase and the Husi Wind Power Projects were completed, with a total installed capacity of 39.6 MW.
  • ■ The Bihai Hydro Power Project was completed with an installed capacity of 61.2 MW.
  • ■ The campaign on greenhouse gas reduction led to some remarkable accomplishments: The verification of the voluntary reduction plan ISO 14064-2 was completed and the accumulated amount of actual reduction reached 6.76 million tons of CO 2 e.
  • ■ In 2011, the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) was 18.224 min./customer-year and the SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) was 0.204 freq./customer-year. Both were the second best records in Taipower’s history.
  • ■ The gross thermal efficiency of all thermal power plants reached 42.51% (LHV gross), the second best record in Taipower’s history.
  • ■ All of the nuclear units demonstrated remarkable achievements. The average capacity factor reached 93.06% and the power supply amounted to 40,522 GWh. Both were the highest records in Taipower’s history. The company’s nuclear division has been breaking records in power supply for the past 5 consecutive years.
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