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International Conferences

CAEE Annual Conference

The company hosted the 2011 CAEE (Chinese Association for Energy Economics) Annual Conference on November 18, 2011. There were in total 329 participants. The theme of this conference was “the Study on Current Energy Policy”. Experts and scholars were invited to discuss such issues as the impact brought by energy source mixture changes, the development potential and limit of renewable energy and natural gas, the planning of energy demand-side management and reasonable energy prices. They presented important suggestions on new energy policy-related complementary measures.

International Green Industry Show (TIGIS)

Taipower participated in the “2011 Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TIGIS)” held from October 26 to 29. Exhibition items included Taipower sustainable development paradigm, microalgae CO 2 fixation, renewable energy and other relevant business promotion films.

The 28th Meeting on Steam Coal Procurement and Handling among Taipower (Taiwan), JPower (Japan), KOSEP (Korea), and TNBF (Malaysia)

Taipower hosted the meeting on November 29, 2011. There were 10 delegates from abroad. The attendees exchanged opinions on international coal market information.

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