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Power Grid Construction

The Seventh Power Transmission and Substation Project

In order to ensure the reliability of the power grid, maintain the stability of system power supply, and meet the diversified demands of the load, Taipower launched the Seventh Power Transmission and Substation Project in 2010.

The implementation period of this project is set to be 6 years, from January 2010 to December 2015, at a total investment of NT$ 238.9 billion.

In 2011, the project completed a total length of 349.08 ckt-km of transmission lines, including 14 new and expanded substations, with a total capacity of 4,223.82 MVA. As of the end of 2011, the total length of the transmission lines completed reached 720.82 ckt-km; the number of new and expanded substations reached 29, with a total capacity of 8,277.40 MVA.

The Sixth Distribution Project

In order to increase power distribution reliability and power supply quality, Taipower launched various distribution projects to strengthen its distribution system. The Sixth Distribution Project started in 2008. The implementation period of this project was 4 years, from January 2008 to December 2011. The total budget of this project was NT$56.8 billion.

As of the end of 2011, the amount of new, expanded and/or improved distribution lines reached 9,991.6 ckt-km; the capacity of the replaced and/or added transformers reached 12,488.55 MVA; and the number of electricity meters reached 1,062,821 units.

Smart Grid Plan (including Advanced Metering Infrastructure, AMI)

A smart grid is an advanced system that integrates generation, transmission, distribution and customers. It has the advantage of automation and data-base tracking. It has the functions of self-monitoring, diagnosis and healing. It can provide high-quality, high-efficiency and clean electricity. Taipower completed a Smart Grid roadmap for the future 20 years in 2007. This roadmap contained 3 phases: short, mid and long terms, and 4 targets: power grid safety and reliability, energy efficiency, customer service quality and integration of distributed power sources.

In order to cut down energy consumption and upgrade energy use efficiency, AMI has been listed as one of the demand-side management strategies. In June 2010, according to the AMI Promotion Project, the Bureau of Energy instructed Taipower to complete the AMI meter installation for 23,600 high-voltage customers and 10,000 low-voltage customers in 2012. Taipower will perform cost- effectiveness analysis for the low-voltage customers to decide whether to conduct the next stage of low-voltage AMI establishment. As of the end of 2011, Taipower completed the installation of AMI meters for 1,200 high-voltage customers.

An implementation task force was established in April 2011 to pragmatically promote the company’s smart grid program. Based on the “National Smart Grid Master Plan” set up by the MOEA in 2011, Taipower continues to make progress on the goals of ensuring stable power supply, enhancing energy conservation and carbon reduction and upgrading the ratio of green energy use.

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