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裝飾性圖片Social Care Activities

Caring is one element of our management philosophy. Taipower cares for the whole society and the environment as a corporate citizen. Based on the spirit of “Electricity is like love and will go wherever it is needed”, Taipower spreads its sincere caring and kindness to society.

Environmental Care

■ Beach Clean-up Activity

The activity entered its 18th year. Each year, Taipower will call for its employees and local residents to join together in cleaning up the coastal areas (beaches) near where power plants are located and at off-shore islet areas to restore the shoreline to its pristine state.

■ Bicycle Madness for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

To encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy fresh air, Taipower partnered with the “Taiwan Cyclist Federation” to organize the “Taipower Care-Free Bicycle Tour” for the 3rd consecutive year. In 2011, Taipower, working with Taitung County government, held the “2011 Taipower Power in Taitung, Bicycle Madness for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction”. The participants enjoyed the fun of riding and will at the same time help to make the earth more beautiful.

Social Care

■ Disadvantaged People

● Light of Love – Year-End Senior Citizens Attentive Care

Taipower and the “A Kernel of Wheat Foundation” jointly held the “Light of Love” activities in Taitung County on January 21, 2011. The seniors who lived alone were invited to dinners. A delegation led by Vice President C.C. Lin delivered Lunar New Year greetings and presented gifts to them, accompanied them on a festival shopping trip. Taipower’s love warmed the hearts of the elders.

● Seeds of Hope Program

Starting from 2005, Taipower has cooperated with the Hualien Mennonite Hospital, the Taitung Christian Hospital and the Pingtung Christian Hospital to hold the “Seeds of Hope Program” to jointly create part-time job opportunities for college students to learn love and service from their work. In 2011, a joint graduation ceremony was specially arranged. The 75 seeds-of-hope students were invited to share their work experience in Taipei.

● Firefly, Children Reading Plan

Eleven after-school classes were set up in the Huatung area, providing mobile book carts, character education class, summertime growing reading camp, little angel heroes gathering, etc.

■ Student Scholarships

1. Starting from 1980, scholarships were awarded to students who live near power facilities areas and to students with outstanding performance in the areas of sports, arts, etc. Through 2011, the number of students who have received awards has reached more than 200,000. In 2011, 18,700 students received a total amount of scholarships worth NT$61 million.

2. In November 2011, Taipower held a “Current Living Status of Special Scholarship Awarded Students” activity. There were in total 240 students and their family members who participated in this activity. Through this activity, Taipower learned more about the students’ recent living conditions and rendered timely concern and care.

■ Public Welfare Activities/Expenses

1. In order to smoothly implement its power development programs, enhance the relationship with local communities and people’s welfare in the power facilities neighboring areas, to strengthen local harmony and obtain local residents’ support and cooperation, Taipower established the “Approval Committee of Power Development Foundation” to be in charge of distributing subsidies for local construction projects, assisting in local road engineering work, education, culture and public welfare activities, etc.

2. In 2011, Taipower approved 1,251 subsidiary projects, at an amount of NT$32.19 billion for the benefit of those living in the vicinity of power facilities, including 20 city and county governments, 90 shian (town, city, district) offices, farmer (fishery) associations and schools, comprising 420 units in total.

3. In 2011, Taipower continued promoting the project of “planning the landscape surrounding the power plants” in the Taichung, the Linkou, and the Tunghsiao Thermal Power Plants, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nuclear Power Plants.

4. Taipower sponsored local festivals featuring traditions and produce, such as sky lantern, ocean music, tomatoes, mutton, fish, harvest festivals, etc., in 12 areas.

■ Volunteer Service

1. Taipower set up the “Implementation Plan for Taipower Volunteer Service Teams” in 2010. Taipower encouraged its employees to join a volunteer service team to engage in the services related to the care of humanitarian and environmental public welfare in the communities.

2. As of the end of 2011, 52 service teams were established with 2,098 volunteers, and 108 various public welfare activities were held to demonstrate Taipower’s appreciation to society and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Caring for the Lives of Employees and Working Partners

■ Taipower Male Football Team

To discover and train football players and to cultivate the talent of the nation’s football players, Taipower established a male football team in 1978. The team represented the country when it participated in the “2011 AFC (Asian Football Federation) President’s Cup” and won the championship on September 19, 2011. This effort not only enhances domestic football standard and Taiwan’s football status, but also helps to upgrade the company’s corporate image.

■ Industrial Safety

1. The company re-signed the Health and Safety Policy on Feruary 20, 2011, pledging to “Respect Life and Care for Health” and put the policy into practice according to the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS). The company’s performance in industrial safety was actually enhanced to fulfill the concept of “safety first”.

2. The implementation and performance of industrial safety in 2011: According to the government’s instructions, Taipower has established the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS). Fifty-four units have passed the certification. The total injury index of employees was 3.33 (including commuting: 0.37), which was a great improvement as compared with last year’s index of 10.11 and the best record in Taipower’s history.

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