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裝飾性圖片Caring Activities

In order to win the trust and support of the public and customers and to upgrade its corporate image, Taipower always devotes great efforts in communication, promotion and service.

Business Promotion Achievements

■ Corporate Image

1. Based on the major issues of power development, transmission and distribution, and Taipower’s service spirit, Taipower held the “2011 national power communication and promotion and the competition of multimedia and print poster advertisements” activities. These enabled the students and the public to collect various pieces of valuable knowledge about the power industry, helping them acquire a further understanding of power construction issues.

2. Taipower holds “Power Construction Seminars for Primary and Secondary School Teachers” during the summer and winter vacations every year. Discussions were held on the theory and practice of power construction issues to provide teaching materials and cultivate power knowledge in primary and secondary schools.

3. “Dancing Girl” is a group that was formed by 13 new young employees. They present a brand new image of Taipower - youth, health, professionalism and vitality, with dance, love and smiles.

4. Taipower held a series of nationwide photography contest activities - “The Beauty of Taipower”. The photos displayed the achievements of power construction projects and the rich and beautiful life surrounding the power network. The contest was successful with a total of 3,549 photos taken.

■ Promotion of Energy Conservation

1. Through the channels of the Internet, school activities, communities, mother’s classrooms, energy conservation and carbon reduction seminars, and consulting services offered to large customers, Taipower provides customers with correct energy conservation techniques to guide them toward using high-efficiency energy conservation products and to upgrade large-customer power consumption efficiency. In 2011, 1,293 energy conservation promotion seminars were held.

2. Taipower started an “Energy Conservation Competitions” campaign in counties and cities on July 1, 2010. In addition to a basic discount of 5-20%, the households, primary and junior high schools of the counties and cities who won the top 3 places of good energy conservation performance were entitled to have another 5-15% competition discount according to their rankings. In 2011, the amount of power saved reached 3.791 billion kWh, tariff discounts on energy conservation amounted to NT$7.932 billion, and CO 2 reduction reached 2.33 million tons.

Customer Service Achievements

■ Electronic Billing

To satisfy customers’ requirement for e-billing services, through the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System, Taipower sends bill notification and receipt by e-mail to registered customers regularly and provides online enquiry services. Customers can easily receive bills and manage power consumption status.

■ Call Center

In order to upgrade customer service quality and strengthen interaction with the customers, a call center system was installed in northern and central Taiwan. The telephone no. of the Call Center is 1911, offering 24-hour service. Through a unified window, it can provide customers with electricity-related services.

■ Establishment of a Park-like Office Environment

In addition to the halls of branch offices being decorated with potted plants, scrolls and paintings, small “friendly neighborhood parks” were established outside of the branches, providing comfortable service environment for customers.

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